Friday, 2 August 2013

Mango & Coconut Mousse Cake

Made these mango and coconut mousse cakes not so long when I came back from Hong Kong this year.

Its the first time I made these and its all because I tried this lovely one (photo above) from a bakery while in Hong Kong. The sponge and mango mousse tasted very similar to my mango mousse cakes that I always make at home. I make cake all the time but I must say I not very good when it comes to flavours, so when I tried this, I immediately loved the mango and coconut combination and I knew that I had to try and make something similar when I get back to UK!

At first I wanted to decorate the top of the cakes with mangos but I thought it wouldn't look that good as mangos are very hard to cut up! As some of you know I like my cakes to look pretty so I decided to pipe cream rose on top of each slice. 

I must say, I was very happy how these turned out. The cakes were very light and because there mousse cakes, it feels less guilty that you've eaten a few slices :)