Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cakes and desserts in Hong Kong

Mmm a post just on cakes and desserts! I don't go back to Hong Kong that often but when I do decide to go, it's normally because family are going and I go back with them. As much as I look forward to spending precious time with family, i'm also super excited to having my favourite cakes, chinese desserts and chinese buns/bread.

Its not until I uploaded the photos while doing this post that I realise how much cake and desserts I consumed in two weeks! As some of you may know, I am a little obsessed when it come to cake and since I was only in Hong Kong for two weeks, of course i'm going to eat as much as I can...... Okay please don't judge :)

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will notice that a lot of my bakes are inspired by Hong Kong bakeries.

 The perfect looking swiss rolls! So many different flavours.

I love the fusion cakes at the front! When you can't decide what cake to have, you can mix and match and choose three different flavours. 

 My favourite, chinese egg custard tarts. These are so delicous especially when there still warm! You can get them with either a sweet pastry but the flaky pastry is the best!

Who can resist the smell freshly baked bread? I certainly can't! Everytime I walk pass this bakery, I just can't resist and I would have to go in and buy one or two buns. I'm in here almost everyday and sometimes I would prefer not to have dinner and have a few buns instead followed by cake...

Here are some of the cakes I bought from the bakeries. Chocolate swissroll, vanilla mix fruits swiss roll, mango & coconut mousse cake, strawberry mousse cake and coffee mousse cake. Was really disappointed with these except the mango & coconut mousse cake. I really liked the two flavours together when I tried this and I knew straight away that I really wanted to have a go making this when I get back to UK! You can see how they turned out HERE

From the top left, a strawberry chiffon cake. The cake is super soft and fluffy just like cotton wool, so light. 
Top right-A chestnut cream cake and tiramisu, both very light but not much flavour.
Bottom left- Cakes from Italian Tomato, the banana caramel tart was beautitul, not too sweet or heavy. The chestnut cream cake was nice but too much chestnut, I found the cake a bit too filling.
Bottom right-plain layer cake, soft, moist and buttery.

I always wanted to try a red bean, green tea cake as I have a recipe in one of my baking books but I know nobody would like it, so never bother trying out the recipe. So I was quite looking forward to trying this one but oh my gosh! This is one of the worst cakes I have ever eaten. The green tea sponge was really hard and dry, the cream was flavourless and the red beans were under cooked. The macaron, well to be honest I wouldn't class it as a macaron! I never waste cake but this must have been the first!


This is another lovely cafe which serve good coffee and lovely patisseries. I went for a rose latte and a matcha cake, particularly like the middle layer of chocolate with the creamy mousse layer. It was a shame I didn't have time to go back and try some of the other patisseries. 

These are the six flavours I tried. You can read more about agnes b. patisseries and chocolates HERE

You can read more about this lovely afternoon tea at the InterContinetal Hotel HERE 

This is another favourite place I like to visit often when I go to Hong Kong. I love the chinese desserts here, so refreshing! Here are the six I had during my stay. 
1.Mix fruit tofu pudding with mango juice. 2.Mango & tofu dessert. 3.Mango with vanilla ice-cream and mango juice. 4.Tofu and sago dessert. 5.Chinese jelly with sago with vanilla & green tea ice-cream. 6.Almond tea with egg whites. 
These are all lovely! I actually don't have a favourite, I really want one now :(

It's almost that I go back to Hong Kong just to eat cake and desserts.... Well.... that is one of the main reasons haha!!! but hopefully I can go back sometime next year :)


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