Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chocolate & Orange Gateau From BBC GoodFood Magazine

When I saw this months BBC GoodFood magazine cover cake, I knew that I had to have a go at the recipe definitely a statement cake! With chocolate and orange flavour sponges, orange flavour buttercream, covered with chocolate icing.

For the cake, you need to make 3 orange and 3 chocolate rectangular sponge and a pair of round chocolate sponge but I decided to make a slightly smaller version so made 2 of each rectangular sponge instead of the 3 to save a bit of time.

The cake is a lot easier to make than you think! Simply by trimming off the edges of  the rectangular sponges and then cutting it into 2 equal stripes and then start rolling!

I was suppose to use butter in the recipe but I chose to use vegetable oil instead, so the sponges turned out a lot softer and delicate than it was suppose to. I had to be extra careful rolling up the sponge as a few slices was starting to break but glad you can't see my mistakes.

Such a fun cake to make!

Tasted lovely too!


  1. Love it! I tried to make this myself, but it didn't come out half as pretty! Good effort :)

  2. Thanks Sinead! Just had a look at your attempt, it looks yummy too :) xx

  3. Hi what filling did you use for the layers please? Or is the there a recipe for the whole thing please?

    1. Its orange buttercream frosting. The recipe was in October's BBC Good food magazine, you can see if it on their website :)