Some of the wedding cupcake towers I made and set up.

This is the first wedding cupcake tower I made. I was so honoured when my cousin asked me to make her wedding cupcakes but also very nervous at the same time. I've not been baking for that long when she asked me and when I heard she wanted 170 of them I was thinking will I be able to manage such a big job for someone who's never baked for any kind of big event before?
I'm glad she had so much faith in me and my cupcakes and on the day all 170 cupcakes got there safely after 3 hours drive. The stand I was using could only hold about 90 cupcakes and the bride said just leave the rest around the back but I thought that it might look quite nice if I could fit them around the stand on the table. The result was perfect! The bride and groom was very happy with the finishing look and I had so many lovely compliments from the guest saying how tasty and beautiful the cakes were.
 One of my favourites. Something different for a special occasion.

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  1. You made sweet able wedding cupcakes for inspire your cousin.Wow 170 cupcakes is really exception for bride and groom.